City on the Hill

Session 3
All men are pigs -- Attacca is OK though

The motley arrives at the club that Spring is inhabiting — The name isn’t important. It’s the Court of Spring now, and it reeks of it, the heady atmosphere of reveling and desire spinning through the air. It’s a little overwhelming to the group as they walk in — Cali especially. She quickly gets separated as she heads for the edges of the room, away from the dance floor, to compose herself. By contrast, Attacca is in his element, moving straight to the bar to gather information and try to meet with the Spring Queen. Moire is somewhere in between the two, following Attacca quietly but not having a panic attack, thank God.

Cali, with her striking looks and obvious moment of vulnerability, quickly attracts a slimeball. Literal slimeball. He makes advances despite Cali’s obvious state of distress, and Attacca and Moire, quick to notice Cali’s absence, go to assist — as well as a tall, silver-haired draconic changeling, with acrylic aquarium nails that gives the slimeball a good scare, and Cali, finding her courage, turns the scare into a terrified retreat with a well-placed threat.

The draconic changeling turns out to be the Spring Queen’s bodyguard, called Suzu, and ends up offering Cali a job as a bouncer the next time they need one, which ensures them a chance to talk to the Queen, as she handles that directly.

Session 2
Some free advice

The Spring Court travels; flitting amongst the various nightclubs of DC nightly, like an oasis. A significantly sweatier oasis,

The motley prepares for a night out, dressing up and heading to the metro in the lull between the commuter rush and the nighttime buzz. The traincar they enter is empty, save for a homeless woman sleeping in one of the seats — Attacca recognizes her as a Changeling, shortly before she raises her head to speak to them.

She calls herself Guts, and talks in circles as the metro rocks and groans through the underground, offering advice — to complete their investigation, they’d better not think the DC freehold is isolated in its designs. They won’t find out what they need to know by limiting themselves.

She waltzes off the metro a stop before theirs, Attacca basically has a lunch date with her at some point.

Session 1
You scratch my back...

Cali B, MoirĂ© Myrekrig, and Attacca Hedgebreaker, all somewhat-recent arrivals from the Hedge, have been called to an audience with Auren Timber, the Autumn Monarch of Mason’s Crossing. They have been getting along well with the Autumn Court for a while now, and hope to be afforded a full place among the Court — which seems as if it’s going to happen, but first, Auren has a task.

A Changeling has gone missing. Spring Court, on New Year’s night. No struggle, no scream in the night — he was simply there, and then vanished. His fiancee watched him go the evening before his disappearance, and they simply never saw him again. Due to the time frame, Auren suspects Fae involvement, and wishes the three of them to investigate. In return, they shall become members in full of the DC Autumn Court, and afforded

With some subtle flirting, the motley is off to seek permission from the Spring Queen to continue their investigation.


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