Suzuki Ai

Queen of the Spring Court. Fairest Treasured.


A tall, slender woman, with pale skin, and pale hair, and dark, dark eyes. She keeps her hair tied in an elaborate bud-shaped bun, but that’s the only constant about her appearance. Outfits range from frilly lolita ensembles to slinky glamorous gowns and cocktail dresses, and makeup can be flashy or understated day to day. However, her deadpan, softly bored expression is one thing that doesn’t change — it is very hard to break her composure, or get a smile out of her.


Suzu is gorgeous, well-established, admired, and very, very bored. Her mien is that of a perfect glass statue — she’s almost see-through, glossy, and brittle; she cracks easily.

Suzuki Ai

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