City on the Hill

Session 2

Some free advice

The Spring Court travels; flitting amongst the various nightclubs of DC nightly, like an oasis. A significantly sweatier oasis,

The motley prepares for a night out, dressing up and heading to the metro in the lull between the commuter rush and the nighttime buzz. The traincar they enter is empty, save for a homeless woman sleeping in one of the seats — Attacca recognizes her as a Changeling, shortly before she raises her head to speak to them.

She calls herself Guts, and talks in circles as the metro rocks and groans through the underground, offering advice — to complete their investigation, they’d better not think the DC freehold is isolated in its designs. They won’t find out what they need to know by limiting themselves.

She waltzes off the metro a stop before theirs, Attacca basically has a lunch date with her at some point.


mechabre mechabre

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