City on the Hill

Session 1

You scratch my back...

Cali B, MoirĂ© Myrekrig, and Attacca Hedgebreaker, all somewhat-recent arrivals from the Hedge, have been called to an audience with Auren Timber, the Autumn Monarch of Mason’s Crossing. They have been getting along well with the Autumn Court for a while now, and hope to be afforded a full place among the Court — which seems as if it’s going to happen, but first, Auren has a task.

A Changeling has gone missing. Spring Court, on New Year’s night. No struggle, no scream in the night — he was simply there, and then vanished. His fiancee watched him go the evening before his disappearance, and they simply never saw him again. Due to the time frame, Auren suspects Fae involvement, and wishes the three of them to investigate. In return, they shall become members in full of the DC Autumn Court, and afforded

With some subtle flirting, the motley is off to seek permission from the Spring Queen to continue their investigation.


mechabre mechabre

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